I have to admit that I'm rooting for Kuvira to take over as well - did anyone on the Council REALLY think that having this little worm as Earth King was going to work? They haven't done anything to endear him to the population and then when Kuvira shows up there's cheering and support all over the place. Zuko,… » 10/18/14 4:19pm 10/18/14 4:19pm

The problem is, much like Laurel and Oliver on ARROW, is that the actors have little chemistry between them - at least from what I've seen. Katrina managed to hid a hell of a lot from Ichabod and I'm not sure I'd be so darned keen on getting back with her when Abby, independent, tough Abby, is around. » 10/14/14 10:52am 10/14/14 10:52am

It's a hell of an interesting problem the world's got to deal with - the Fire Nation, the Water Tribes, the Air Nomads... they've all had monarchies to lead them. So they feel compelled to put Prince D'oh on the Earth Kingdom throne because... well, they have to. The only democratic society in Korra's world is… » 10/04/14 2:13pm 10/04/14 2:13pm

They lost me last season with evil Mara/Good Audrey storyline. I love the idea of the Troubles not being a natural occurrence but all I kept/keep thinking is why hasn't someone beaten the heck out of Dave and Vince for keeping so many secrets for so long? Vince is the most inept leader I've ever seen and by the second… » 10/03/14 3:33pm 10/03/14 3:33pm