If you're interested in writing excellent romance novels and/or self-publishing to the best of your abilities get on board with anything and EVERYTHING Courtney Milan writes. She's a faboo advocate for self-publishing AND traditional publishing, doesn't tolerate fools and offers help to anyone who needs it. Her advice… » 2/13/15 7:05am 2/13/15 7:05am

Totally agree on the revelation about Sara's death - I'm not a Laurel fan but she nailed it in this scene with struggling first to tell her father that she was the Canary and seeing the horror in her eyes when he doesn't get it, he doesn't GET IT, he DOESN'T GET IT THAT SARA'S DEAD. » 2/12/15 10:55am 2/12/15 10:55am

My bet is that TPTB were fooling around in an attempt to duplicate the super-soldier serum and created some monster (Abomination, anyone?) that they set loose on the Russians but then had to destroy/capture/something because it went out of control. That would explain Stark's reaction and the reason why now TPTB are… » 2/04/15 8:46am 2/04/15 8:46am